Each year at our Annual Dinner Banquet, we present several awards to deserving individuals and organizations that have a made a significant difference in the life of the Foundation. Each recipient plays an irreplaceable role in their communities, and we are thankful for their dedication and service. Scroll down to see all of our previous winners! 

The Keri's Promise Award

The Keri's Promise Award is given to a deserving individual or organization that actively shares Keri's story with others. By increasing awareness, they are living up to Keri's promise of making a difference and exemplifying what it means to be a positive influence in their community. Through their efforts, these recipients are educating others about the impact that our decisions have on those around us, as well as the consequences of drunk, impaired, and distracted driving. They are making sure Keri's legacy lives on by saving lives. 

2019 Winners:

Officer Robert Campbell

Sabrina Jadunandan

Officer Gabe Roberts

2018 Winners:

Ryan Cooley

The Oviedo Chargers: Koben Zeigler, Zander Drake, Ian Thornsbury, Tanner Gelm, Sammy Male, Nathan Rhodes, Noah Lovelady, Clayton Chiles, Kian Hopkins, Cooper Simpson, Walker Ransdell, Billy DeMott

2017 Winners:                                                  

Jack Johnson/Flipper's Pizzeria                   

Ken and Cynthia White

2016 Winners:

Courtney Gilmartin

Amanda Sellers                            

The Changing the World Award

The recipients of the Changing the World Award not only share Keri's story, but they also embody her mission to change the world on a daily basis. By supporting The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation and working with other groups across the country, these individuals and organizations are able to increase the scope of awareness, thereby moving us all forward to end the drunk, impaired, and distracted driving epidemic. 

2019 Winners:

Matt Austin

Amy Matthews

2018 Winners:

Wade Woods

Megan Sills

2017 Winners:

University of Central Florida Police Department

Carl Harms/JAX Impact 

2016 Winners:

Yolanda Larson

The Decisions Award

The Decisions Award is a scholarship-based award given to local law enforcement officials and/or first responders. The recipients are nominated by the heads of their departments, and have exemplified excellence within their agency and their field. As a thank you for their service and dedication, the Foundation provides the winners with a scholarship to attend classes and seminars that will help them increase their knowledge-base, and provide them with the necessary training and technology that will improve their daily line of work. 

2019 Winners:

Courtney Davis

Deputy Jorge Rodriguez

Officer Andy Borrows

2018 Winners:

Corporal Sandi Chessher

Deputy Ernesto Martinez

Julio Ramos

2017 Winners: 

Officer Ashley Eller

Deputy Gary Miller

2016 Winners:

Officer Deb Reasoner

Officer Agustin Gonzalez

The #KeriAnneDeMottMatters Award

This award is very personal to the DeMott Family, and is given to an individual that has personally helped the DeMott Family and the Foundation grow in invaluable ways. Past winners have been catalysts in creating the Foundation, and each day they are personally invested in supporting the DeMott Family and sharing Keri's story with everyone they meet. Without their support, guidance, and friendship, we would not be who we are as an organization. 

2019 Winners:

Dan Monahan

Steve Montiero

2018 Winners:

Lieutenant Matt Demmon

Trooper Susan Barge

2017 Winners:

Lieutenant Kim Montes

C3 Church

2016 Winners:

Officer Frank Imparato

Trooper William Hitchcock