"I had the honor of listening to Mr. DeMott tell the story of his daughter, Keri Anne, and spreading the message about impaired driving. He spoke from the heart, drew all the audience into where we all felt the pain of him and his family. He also inspired all the FHP recruits to strive to be better enforcers of DUI’s. Mr. DeMott is an inspiration to all he talks to, and the lives he touches are forever changed for the better." 

–Trooper Deb Hawkins; FHP Troop D

"I just wanted to let you and Bill know that I attended the training last month in Lake County.  I took a vacation a few days after and came back to work Thursday night. I had my first DUI after the class the same night; Bill and Keri Anne DeMott were in my thoughts the entire time. I took advantage of the training and applied my updated skills to make the arrest.  .210/.217 after at least three hours since hislast drank.  I am asking that you let Bill know that I am sorry I could not have met his daughter, but she made a difference on July 13th in Pinellas County. I am a Reserve Officer for the Kenneth City Police Department. I left law enforcement a few years ago to go into teaching full time for the Pasco County School District; I teach a Criminal Justice Academy at Zephyrhills high School. Keri Anne will continue to make a difference to high school students who are part of that community also.  I will share their experiences and let them know that they did not have the opportunity to meet a wonderful person because of someones selfish act. I would love to have you visit our school/students. Thank you for your time. Thank you for making a difference and if possible, please pass on my gratitude to Bill for making a difference in our lives."

-Officer Rob Perrault; Kenneth City Police Department

"Today, our high school students were educated, enlightened, and deeply moved by the impactful presentation brought to us by the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation. I only wish every young adult had this opportunity to hear their important message. This presentation was exactly what our students needed; presented in a way they appreciate. Our students were engaged in both their minds and their hearts during a two part assembly with speakers Officer Frank Imparato, and presenter, Mr. Bill DeMott. Officer Frank presented well to young adults with authority but also approachability. He commanded the students’ respect and attention with a well-balanced and paced presentation. Bill grabbed the kids’ attention with videos of his pro-wrestling days, which immediately drew the kids- sports and entertainment most always does. He had, and never lost, their attention, with commanding, forceful, and yet, heartfelt dialogue.  He spoke to the students in a no- nonsense-respectful way, evoking a chuckle here and there with some ironic self-deprecating tech humor.  Touching on bullying, social media, substance abuse, and more, he reinforced the concept of decision making and empowerment, that everything we do and all of our achievements start with a decision made in a moment of time.  With the toughness and grit only a pro-wrestler could pull off, he challenged students to navigate social media by remembering what it means to be “real men”, and then asked daughters in the audience to consider their fathers, and make good choices by respecting themselves. Our students gave Officer Frank and Mr. DeMott a long standing ovation, and it was clear that the presentation was very impactful.  We have had many students, parents, and faculty state just how powerful the presentation was, and we are so grateful for the foundation and its effect on our student body."

- Maria Garrison; High School Registrar, Windermere Preparatory School  

"The stories really will stay with these kids and given the world we live in today, they are extremely important ones to be told. Thank you for not only teaching our kids in the classroom, but most important teaching them life lessons." 

-Windermere Preparatory School Parent


"Bill DeMott's presentation hit home for many of our students and parents. His message about prioritizing your time and capitalizing on every minute with your family and children was powerful. Being a person who works daily with children and is a father myself, I was reminded of the importance of our positive influences we can make to all we interact with. Bill's presentation is meaningful, powerful, and would captivate an audience at any level."​
-Bryan Dolfi; Principal, Stone Lakes Elementary School

“We often hear that change never happens right away, but if there’s anyone who can make you believe otherwise, it’s Bill DeMott. After listening to him tell the story of how he tragically lost his 20-year-old daughter Keri Anne, minds are changed, actions are set in motion, and lives are undoubtedly saved. His story is powerful, and he shares it bravely.The DeMott’s first connected with our agency in early 2016, and they immediately became part of our family. Bill has participated in ride-alongs and given motivational speeches to our officers, and he and his family shared Keri’s story in a series of online videos that have reached thousands of people. Bill, Keri, and the DeMott family will forever be close to our hearts, and we encourage you to invite them into yours.

-University of Central Florida Police Department

"I was there last night and heard you speak. From the bottom of my heart, KNOW that you are making an impact!! My son was there for his Drivers Education class, and you made a huge impact on him, and several others in his class. Thank you SO much for all you do. Your beautiful daughter is looking down, proud of her Daddy!!!"

-Samantha Christman; Marion County Victim Impact Panel

"You delivered an amazing speech to our dads and kids and certainly stressed the importance of fatherhood for the kids. You formidably expanded on our discussion of topic (WORDS) and shared remarkably to our audience the impact of how few things carry as much weight as the words we are told. For better or worse, words have the ability to shape who we believe ourselves to be and, ultimately, who we become. Because of this, it is imperative that a father consciously build up his children, affirming what is good about them, and confidently reminding them of his love. We appreciated very much for you to take some time off of your busy schedule to address our community's fathers and children and I am sure it will have a positive impact in their lives."

-Eric Bitton; Physical Education Teacher, Stone Lakes Elementary School


"Bill DeMott moved our student body to tears as he recounted the special moments he enjoyed with his daughter Keri Anne, and the tragedy that changed his family world forever. His message was both timely and encouraging for young people living in today's fast paced world that is influenced by technology, drugs, and alcohol. I believe his presentation changed minds and attitudes for good, and I am grateful for the time well-spent with Bill and The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation on our campus."

-Dr. Chad Holden; Principal, Muscle Shoals High School (AL)

"Bill’s presentation to our team was both intense and educational for our guys.  The energy in the room was amazing as the way he controlled the room kept the guys locked in with a mix of emotions.  The message was something our guys needed to hear to reinforce and understand what kind of consequences their life decisions can cause internally and externally.  I know his heartfelt words will positively affect our guys moving forward and they will hear his voice in times that they will need it most for the rest of their life." 
-Greg Lovelady; Head Coach | Baseball; UCF Athletics Association, Inc.


"Thank you for taking the time last night to speak to me and my son. My heart breaks for you and your family. I hope and pray that all the people in that room last night including my son were really listening and think about the choices they make and how that 1 bad choice can destroy a family. Keri Anne's life does matter! She may not be here physically to change the world, but she is still doing it, she is just doing it through you."

 -Tracy Tabone-Gooden; Victim Impact Panel

"I had the pleasure of listening to Bill DeMott present at my daughter's 5th grade FOCUS graduation. Words can't describe the impact he had not only on her, but also on myself. 'The decisions we make today determine the stories told about us tomorrow.' This was his message that has stuck with me. His selfless act of sharing the story about his beautiful daughter will touch the lives of these kids forever. Her death will not be in vain. She is making a difference through his words. Thank you Bill for making a difference."

-Partin Elementary School Parent

"I watched you present today at our school and I was moved to tears. I have never seen such a presentation as real as yours AND with the ability to grab teenagers' attentions. You succeeded whole heartedly. First let me say, "Thank you" for sharing your story. It takes enormous motivation and courage to change such a horrific event into something valuable and positive. You are truly alchemists and we can all learn something from that. I know it may have been easier to have succumb to this pain, so thank you for doing what most likely is the most difficult work a human can do and for bringing us this much needed message. I believe that Keri Anne has made a difference. I know its not the difference you had in mind, but her life is indeed celebrated, remembered and has touched both youngsters and adults. I hope this truth gives you comfort, that what happened to her was not for nothing. Thank you for serving as a reminder for all of us (yes, even adults!) about our decisions and how we affect more people than just ourselves. Thank you for introducing your beautiful daughter/sister to us and for making us better people." 

- Danielle Elsayed; High School IB English Teacher, Windermere Preparatory School

"Wow!! What a powerful message for our students! I am so thankful that [Bill] talked to them today so that hopefully we won't have to talk about them tomorrow. Bill held the undivided attention of almost 800 students and adults for 45 minutes with his story. Several students told me that this was probably the best assembly they had ever attended. Thank you for coming to our school!"

-Jeff Burbank; Assistant Principal, Brooks High School


"I want to personally say thank you to Bill DeMott and The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation for speaking to our students. Bill's message was quite clear to our students about making the right decisions and how our decisions can affect others. I saw many students, who have struggled with bullying issues, personally thanking Bill at the end of the program. I would highly recommend The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation and speaker Bill DeMott to any high school or middle school."

-Kevin Davis; Principal, Muscle Shoals Middle School (AL)


"On November 27th, 2018, Xavier University students had the pleasure of listening to Bill DeMott's moving presentation. His personal account of his daughter's death and his dedication to his foundation struck the heart's of many and will forever stick with each and every one of those who sat before him. Because Xavier is such a close-knit campus with nearly 6,000 undergraduate students, we do not compare to universities the size of the University of Central Florida. It is because of our size that the topic of drinking and driving is hardly spoken about. But this, however, does not and should not take away from the issue's importance. Us Xavier students believe that everyone should have the chance to educate themselves about driving under the influence and the significant impact that this action can have on others. Thank you Bill and Officer Imparato for visiting us. We are so grateful to have you both and the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation on our campus."

- Macey Windley; Xavier University Student & SGA Representative 


 "I had the pleasure of hearing "Coach Bill" speak to the 5th graders at their FOCUS graduation at Partin Elementary. Bill is a motivational speaker and very inspiring. He spoke to the kids in a way they could understand and relate to. He made each one of them feel important and special. Even as an adult, I felt inspired by what he said and took away the message that our choices impact not only ourselves but others as well. I sat there feeling that his message can be relevant to any age/grade. I wished my son, who is in 8th grade, would have been there to hear him speak as his message can reinforce and remind him what he has learned and take this positive message with him into high school. We all can be reminded of the pressures of social media, bullying, and the impact our choices make in the lives of others and that we have the power to make a difference!"

- Partin Elementary School Parent


"Bill DeMott. That's the name of the man that gave an incredible speech. That gave me a perspective on life but I didn't even know I had. It wasn't only a speech. It was a message. A message that opened my eyes to a world I don't think of often....Hearing his words, it made me realize it could be the last for anyone at any point, all because of one decision someone makes.

I would love to personally thank Bill opening my mind up a little further. I want to let him know that I forever have a place in my heart for him. That I will always remember his words...I want to tell him that I will continue on his story and spread the message to as many people as I can to see that life isn't about putting people down or worrying about yourself. I want to thank him for reminding me that living my best life isn't just about me. But to be completely honest, I forget that sometimes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiring words with me. I hate that it had to take a life for your words to touch many people, but in a way, this can save the lives of many others... I came into this day with an open heart, and I came out with a bigger perspective on life."

-Brooke S.; Space Coast High School Student

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